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Crazy Joker Omaha Tournament

Date: Saturday September 24th
Venue: Rosie O'Gradys, Palmerston North
Registration Opens: 11.30am
Play Starts: 12.00pm (midday)
Late Registration Till: 1.30pm
Buy In: $10 ($4,000)
Rebuys: $2 ($4,000) Available when you are below $4,000
Add On:$5 ($12,000)
15 minute blind with a Pot Limit structure

It's time for some fun folks. Crazy Joker Omaha. Start with 5 cards. Two Jokers in the deck. See the flop, bet the flop and then throw away one card. Then continue as per normal Omaha with a pot limit structure.

The number of players, rebuys and add-ons will determine the number of prizes paid and the number of seats to the Season #46 Regional Final. Once the rebuy period is over, the prize pool structure will be announced. If you're running late, not a problem. Late registration available till 1.30pm.

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