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Venue Bounty

The Venue Bounty is chosen randomly at the start of play. Each time the Venue Bounty is knocked out of the game, the player who knocks them out (a) collects a bounty and (b) becomes the new Venue Bounty. If the initial Venue Bounty makes the final 8, they collect their bonus. The table below shows bounty details.

Starting Players Starting Bounty Bounty Increases By Final 8 Bonus
$4,000 $2,000 $10,000

Champ Bounty

The nightly winner from the previous nights play at a venue will have a Champ Bounty of $5,000 placed on them. Any player that knocks them out of the game collects $5,000 in chips. Should the reigning venue champ make it to the Final 8 players then they will collect $10,000 in chips.

The Champ Bounty only comes in to effect if there are 11+ players. On a day where there are not enough players to have a Champ Bounty, there will be two Champ Bounties the following week.

Loyalty Award

We like to recognise those players who enjoy their poker with PokerFun NZ on a regular basis.

Play every night at a venue for the season and if you haven't managed to qualify for the Regional Final, you will go into a draw for a seat at the Regional Final. There is one Loyalty Award seat per venue per season (PokerFun NZ reserve the right to offer extra Loyalty Awards based on no players qualifying from other venues) and only those players who have played every night for a season AND haven't managed to win a seat at the Regional Final are eligible.

In seasons that are longer than 10 weeks, if you play 10 times you will be in line to win a Loyalty Seat.

This is our way of saying "Thanks" for supporting us and the venue.